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Genesis of Cannero

Stemma Cannero Riviera

 Cannero Riviera

Thanks to its salubrious climate Cannero has been inhabited since ancient times. In the 14th century obtained its independence as a Comune but in 1524 the Sforza destroyed the village because they were faithful to the Visconti. Of the coast there are three small islands: “The Cannero Castles” know as the “Malpaga Castles”. They are also an important part of the tormented local history. They were built in the 12th and 14th centuries these isles became the base of the Mazzarditi Family to whom tales and legends of crimes were attributed. To put an end to these raids the Castles were destroyed by Filippo Maria Visconti in 1414 and in the 16th century the Borromeo Family erected the Vitaliana Fortress on the site to protect the territory from invasion by the Swiss. The serenity of Cannero and the Picturesque ruins have been a great attraction for visitors from all Europe who since the 1800’s have chose Cannero as a  holiday destination. Its most illustrious guests have included G.B. Shaw, the Queen of England, English Lords and Winston Churchill. Massimo D’Azeglio, wrote “I miei Ricordi” in his villa facing the Lake. Famous is also the villa “Sabioncella” in front of the Castles where Laura Mantegazza, a fervent patriot, lived and often had Garibaldi as her guest and assisted the General’s men wounded during the battle of Luino.





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