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Citrus fruit of Cannero Riviera

agrumi Cannero Riviera 1 LR

Exhibition "the Citrus fruits of Cannero Riviera" from 9 to 17 March 2019

Unique event in Piemonte and  the Lake, it aims to bring out and bring to the attention of the population, of tourists, of experts and fans, a well-established activity widespread in the area of cultivation and care of citrus sinche the 1500’s  mainly in private gardens, favoured by a special microclimate which ensures the luxuriant growth, and the possibility of optimal use of the products for the entire population during the season of fruit ripening. This privileged situation has meant that the area, originally named Cannero, got by decree of the Provisional Head of State on May 8, 1947 n. 440, the new name of Cannero Riviera. But the final aim is also to recover the lost identity of an area which, passed from an industrial economy  in the '60s and '70s, had to rebuild a different vocation focused on tourist resources, that the nature of the area offers. For this purpose we have created a working group, that created the “Citrus park of Cannero Riviera”, that has  all the species present on the territory, also providing a place to walk and relax, in a public area overlooking the lake.

Gli agrumi di Cannero Riviera  (foto


Citrus medica LR Mano di Budda LR Agrumi in esposizione LR
citrus medica citrus medica esposizione 
parco-agrumi-20 04 12-031 LR parco-agrumi-20 04 12-006 LR parco-agrumi-20 04 12-017 LR
  Parco degli agrumi  
parco-agrumi-20 04 12-003 LR parco-agrumi-20 04 12 024 LR parco-degli-agrumi05 LR
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