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Ufficio Turistico Cannero Riviera - Trekking
Portale Turistico Cannero Riviera
Bandiera Blu
Bandiera Arancione
Borghi sostenibili
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Difficulties scale

T Touristic: Simple, short, well signposted and with a difference in height of less than 500 m. Good shoes are recommended.
E Excursionistic: More demanding route both for the ground and for the length. You need more specific equipment for the mountain, in particular regarding shoes, and a greater sense of orientation.
EE Experienced Hikers: Demanding route, even steep slopes or screes. Signposting is not always present, you need a good sense of orientation and the ability to read a map of the trails - GPS signal not always available!
Cannero map

trekking Cannero-Donego (via Intarì-Cassino)

Level: T
From: (199 m)
To: (423 m)
Time: 1h04'
Distance: andata 2,82 km andata ritorno 5,64 km
Altimetry: anello 295 m anello 230m
Average slope grade: 15,34% (1,92 km)


trekking Cannero-Donego (via Oggiogno)

Level: T
From: (236 m)
To: (423 m)
Time: 1h15'
Distance: andata 3,08 km andata ritorno 6,16 km
Altimetry: anello 334 m anello 291m
Average slope grade: 17,27% (1,93 km)


trekking Cannero-Oggiogno

Level: T
From: Cannero (212 m)
To: Oggiogno (512 m)
Time: 59.95 min.
Distance: andata 2,01 km andata ritorno 4,02 km
Altimetry: anello 326 m anello 307m
Average slope grade: 18,64% (1,75 km)


trekking Cannero-Oggiogno-Donego-Cannero

Level: T
From: Cannero (236 m)
To: Cannero (236 m)
Time: 1h47'
Distance: anello 5,18 km
Altimetry: anello 380 m anello 291m
Average slope grade: 15,11% (2,51 km)


trekking mtb Cannero-Ronchè-Donego-Cassino-Cannero

Level: T
From: Cannero (199 m)
To: Cannero (199 m)
Time: 1h34'
Distance: anello 5,48 km
Altimetry: anello 333 m anello 229m
Average slope grade: 10,60% (3,14 km)